The Skrying Game*

The reason we study history is because it has a tendency to repeat itself. It is very famous for doing that.

This means that we can get a good sense of where history is going, to the extent that we can get a good (accurate) sense of where it’s been.

In this way, we can learn to read the future.

But it takes practice, and patience. Lots of it.

So let’s just start with a small project: 100 years ago.

First stop: Wikipedia, 1922.

  1. January 11 – The first successful insulin treatment of diabetes is made, by Frederick Banting in Toronto.
  2. February 8 – President of the United States Warren G. Harding introduces the first radio in the White House.
  3. February 26 – Leser v. Garnett: The Supreme Court of the United States rebuffs a challenge to the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which gave women the right to vote on the same terms as men.
  4. July – Hyperinflation in Germany means that 563 marks are now needed to buy a single American dollar – more than double the 263 needed eight months before, dwarfing the mere 12 needed in April 1919, and even the 47 needed in December of that year.
  5. August – Hyperinflation in Germany sees the value of the Papiermark against the dollar rise to 1,000.
  6. October 18 – The British Broadcasting Company is formed.
  7. October – 3,000 German marks are now needed to buy a single American dollar – triple the figure three months ago due to hyperinflation.
  8. November 1 – The Ottoman Empire is abolished after 600 years, and its last sultan, Mehmed VI, abdicates, leaves for exile in Italy on November 17.
  9. December 30 – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Transcaucasian Republic (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) come together to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
  10. December – The year ends with hyperinflation showing no sign of slowing down in Germany, with 7,000 marks now needed to buy a single American dollar.

Wasn’t that fun?

* The word skrying comes from the old English word descry meaning “to see” or “to observe.” Skrying is a form of clairvoyance that usually uses mirrors, crystals, a bowl of water, or other skrying devices.