CBC [ 28 MAR 2021 | Innovation Economics | 22:06 ] Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao were still in high school when they discovered plastic-eating bacteria in Vancouver’s Fraser River. Passionate about the problem of plastic waste, the two

Lake Tahoe Take

Lake Tahoe Federal Lawsuit 5G Health and Environmental Effects Press Conference – Federal lawsuit filed against TRPA, Verizon Wireless, and Tahoe Prosperity Center to stop deployment of hundreds of new cell towers and wireless antennas in Lake Tahoe’s relatively pristine

History with Cy

History with Cy [ 26:56 ] Introduction to Ancient Greek Colonies. I’ve always been fascinated by both colonization and diaspora communities – whether conquistadors conquering the world for gold and god or the Irish fleeing famine. What makes people leave

Dr. McGuff

 Doug McGuff  — Hello everyone. It’s Doug McGuff with ultimate exercise body by science and Before I get started once again please remember to hit subscribe and hit like. What I wanted to talk about this evening, Friday