Pascale Marthinee Tayou [ 6 OCT 2016 | 3:40 ] Boomerang is a show. It is like a book – with a different chapter. In this chapter – my personal chapter that I develop here. But it’s also a show to push you – all the public here – to ask themselves, what means boomerang?

Mostly it is all about human being

About you, me, and who else? Anything you know has boomerang. So you must go and come back

For me I just had to define my sense now I means to be a human being — making those important moment larger to find some kind of calm

The bird is like the origin. It’s like a music and it’s like a walking to the forest. The bird help you to discover the way, today, to your personal traffic.

We are here in the circle gallery where the curator wanted to bring some pieces.

One of the pieces is called Coton-tige. Coton-tige in French means, it’s a stick to clean your ears.

It’s all about our histories.

About what happened between people from different continent, from different education, from different part of the world.

And then what is also interesting the coton-tige is something is very soft.

But you can see that from this soft material you have like pins coming from inside.

I mean people are walking, were walking, in a farm of cotton and there was like a stick, but dealing with this soft material.

And for me it is like, “how to link this past with the present?

I’m talking about slavery of course.

But what means to be slavery today?

This duality is very powerful.

It’s like looking at like a good painting, like a beautiful painting, it’s some kind of harmony.

What is the meaning of harmony?

Shadow and light.

That’s a sense of life: sweet and bitter and sharp and soft.

There are no paradise without hell, no hell without paradise.

A look like a colorful stone.

The pave as some kind of self-portrait.

Self-portrait in the sense that I will color it.

As guy of color, a guy of black people’s color, a color head as like a stern hauling I could be dangerous, to be a revolution.

And then many colored, people could be blue, red, yellow.

Maybe what color is done

We are all color is done

So I’m just using some kind of little pieces from where I think my parents editions coming from to bring

Here is no statement.

What means it’s tradition.

What means identity.

Of course I have my saw something Universal something will see human.

Is all about human being this issue.

Pascale Marthine Tayou