Alice Dunseath [ 11 JUN 2012 | Waste Management ] Micro-plastics’ is a stop-motion animation made of bits of plastic found washed up on the shores of Britain and Hawaii. It explains how harmful micro-plastics can be to marine life, our oceans and ourselves.

It was one of three films Alice Dunseath was commissioned to make for feature length documentary, ‘Plastic Shores’. Plastic Shores ( is a non-profit educational film about the effects of plastic debris on our marine ecosystem directed by Edward Scott-Clarke and produced by La Mode Verte. The feature aims to make people think about our use of disposable plastics and what happens to them after they have been thrown away. From the shores of Hawaii to California, Cornwall to Grand Cayman, the film tracks plastic pollution across the Atlantic and Pacific and explains what effects this pollution has on the marine environment, as well as human health.

PLEASE NOTE: The film was made in 2012 and according to Enya Hermsen the part about bio-accumulation, is not bio-accumulation the way it is explained now; what is shown is called trophic transfer (see her comment below for further information).

The animation was produced by VooDooDog Ltd and the music and sound effects are by Howard Tamarisk.

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