To be a good singer, you need to know a lot of languages — ideally German, French, Italian, English and Russian.

In the past I tried to learn some of these languages using traditional classroom methods and I didn’t get very far so I decided to try and create something new.

Over the course of learning German and Italian I landed upon something that’s really pretty cool. It’s a technique that enabled me to learn French in five months, Russian in ten months, and I started Hungarian last December.

I just recently finished writing a book about this technique — Fluent Forever — which will be published by Random House in August of next year.

While writing the book, I came upon some extraordinary research. Research that can be used to create an app that will teach you the pronunciation of a language in two weeks.

I want to make this tour. I have around nine months to do it, before my books release in August, and I need your help to make it happen.

To reward you for pledging, you’ll get first access to these revolutionary pronunciation trainers along with a QuickStart guide to learning any foreign language and exclusive early excerpts of my book.

In August, when my book is released, you’ll get one of the first copies.

And you’ll get my gratitude.

This is a project that is really dear to my heart.

As a singer.  pronunciation is  the key to connecting to a language and connecting to an audience.

As it turns out, it’s  one of the essential keys to learning a language .

Music one of the hardest challenges in learning a foreign language is memory it’s hard to memorize thousands of words at once and if you look at the science of memory you’ll discover as I did that it’s much harder to memorize words you can’t pronounce them while you can probably remember Italians word for camera photo camara you probably run into serious difficulties memorizing Hungarians work for camera finicky bouzouki this doesn’t just have to do with the words length it has to do with the unfamiliar sounds and even when pronunciation seems relatively straightforward like an Italian you run into pitfalls there to try and remember the difference between in karo and conical or file or platform can be tricky when those sounds are unfamiliar to your ears if you can start a language by mastering pronunciation first you’ll have a much easier time remembering origin grammar not to mention an extraordinary advantage when it comes to listening to native speakers with pre tuned ears or speaking with a pre tuned tongue so how do you do this recent research shows that practice alone doesn’t work you can spend hours listening to and repeating after recordings and their ears won’t get any better what’s needed is testing an immediate feedback if you want to learn the difference between Germans B 2 and B 2 or French is weak and weak then you need to hear one of those words B to guess which one you think you heard and then find out the answer every time you go through this cycle your ears get better now with the right recordings and apt to take you through this cycle and train your ears within a couple of weeks but no one has made one yet so I want to do it the pronunciation trainers I’m developing are a series of digital flash cards with pictures and professional recorded sound clips the cards are designed to work together to train your ears connect with you here to spelling in your target language and teach you 200 example words in a multimedia immersive environment and building these trainers in unki one of the best free flash cred applications in the market and one of the only ones that runs on every smartphone and computer operating system I’ve already built and tested early versions of these trainers and I have seen that they work I need your help for the content I need to hire native speakers to develop worthless voice actors for professional recordings and I need to compile all of this material into a simple easy way to learn or improve your pronunciation in 111 languages or to improve your pronunciation of English if that’s not your native language language learning doesn’t have to be hard in fact with the right tools language learning can be easy with your help we can build these tools and bring foreign languages to everyone’s lips.


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