What do you do when you realize that the symptoms that have been dogging you may be related to the deployment of wifi networks in your area? How do you quantify exactly how compromised any given location is?  Do you really need to know exactly how toxic the wireless devices in your household are? No. You just turn them off and see if you feel better. Turning everything off, for twenty four hours, or overnight, is often all you’ll need – if your environment has been soaking in that kind of radiation for any length of time.

But what if your problem is bigger than that? You have NO wireless devices. No TV even. Maybe just a computer. Even your phone’s handset is wired to the base. What you want is to figure out how much radiation if coming from the towers in your area. You are not even hanging out with people who have their wireless devices emitting signals from their back or breast pockets – or even permanently glued to the palm of their right hand (while they’re out jogging, for instance).

Whether it’s about moving out of someplace or moving to an other place – the first order of business is actually to RENT a meter that can detect 5G radiation as well. And you can do that, for $4/day. How long does it take to get the meter in the mail?

The USPS is right now, since the beginning of the global lockdown, and very slow and unreliable. What’s the best way forward here?

We need a table of the signals that are 2G vs 3G vs 4G vs 5G. That’s the first step. The acoustimeter does not go to 8 GHz. It only goes to 6GHz. How big of a problem is that?

Quantifying Radiation Levels
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