Candace Thille [ 21 FEB 2017 | Reinventing Education | 55:04 ] CS547: Human-Computer Interaction Seminar. The Science of Learning, Data, and Transformation in Higher Education. Speaker: Candace Thille, Stanford University. The goal of the science of learning is to understand, predict and explain human learning. A great deal of learning research has resulted in principles of learning that could be used to enhance education; however, the results of that research often have not translated into successful changes in teaching practice, educational technology design, or student learning. In this talk, I will describe a model for using educational technology to shift the relationship between learning research and teaching practice in service of simultaneously improving student learning and contributing to our fundamental understanding of human learning. I will also describe a new Open Analytics Research System (OARS) that we are developing at Stanford. The OARS collects fine-grained student learning data and models that data to make predictions about the learner. We will have an audience participation part of the session to leverage the HCI design expertise in the room to address the question of how to represent the data we have to help faculty using OARS make informed choices for the classroom.

Data & Transformation